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Alzheimer’s disease, or different forms of dementia, can affect all who have to deal with the care of those stricken with this unfortunate condition. A key problem in providing home care for patients, is knowing that the patient is within the caregiver’s control area. All too often, a patient will leave the control area without the caregiver’s knowledge. This can be a dangerous situation for the patient, as well as a frustrating problem for the caregiver.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 75% of Alzheimer’s patients are cared for at home. Nearly 60% of those cared for at home and up to 25% of those cared for in residential facilities will wander during the course of the disease, and sometimes frequently. Once an individual wanders, they have a 40% chance of wandering again. Wandering cannot be predicted – it can occur anytime and anyplace.

The SafeKareTM System is a simple method of alerting a caregiver whenever a patient leaves a defined control area. This mobile monitoring system can be used both inside and outside the home or care giving facility.

The basic SafeKare System consists of a Caregiver Receiver Unit (CRU) and a FOB. The CRU is carried by the caregiver and the FOB is worn by the patient. If the patient wanders outside the set monitored range, an alarm sounds on the CRU.