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SafeKare™ Base Stand / Charger

The Base Stand serves as a vertical stand and battery charger for the Caregiver Receiver Unit. It provides the caregiver a location to place the receiver for easy access and charging, while still providing patient monitoring.

Operation Summary
The caregiver plugs the base stand into the wall power adapter. The caregiver may then place the Caregiver Receiver Unit (CRU) into the Base Stand.
The CRU may rest in the stand powered on or off and will charge the internal battery pack in either condition (similar to a cordless phone). If powered on, the CRU continues to monitor the patient tag location and will alert the caregiver if the patient wanders from the monitored area. The Base Stand includes an additional alarm speaker that provides a louder alarm than the CRU alone. The CRU may be removed from and placed into the base stand at any time, without disconnecting power from the base stand.

Caregiver Base Stand Specifications
Power Supply
9 -12 volt DC
Dimesions 6” x 4” x 2.5”
14 ounces
LED illuminated when charging

Storage (non-operating)

0º to +70ºC (+32º to +158ºF)
-10º to +85ºC (+14º to+185ºF)

SafeKare™ Caregiver Base Stand
Model Number: BS101A

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