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SafeKare™ FOB

The FOB is a monitoring device worn by the patient. The FOB transmits a beacon signal that is received and processed by the Caregiver Receiver Unit. If the patient wanders outside the monitored range, the transmitted beacon is not received by the Caregiver Receiver Unit and, an alarm sounds alerting the caregiver. The monitoring range is selected by a slide switch on the side of the Caregiver Receiver Unit. The selected ranges are: short (15-25 feet), medium (25-50 feet), and long (50-100+ feet). The FOB is intended to be worn on the belt, purse, or around the neck.

Operation Summary
The caregiver inserts a battery into the FOB to activate it. The caregiver turns on the Caregiver Receiver Unit and commands the unit to learn the patient FOB identification. The caregiver then selects the appropriate range setting, on the receiver unit, for the monitored area.
The range setting will vary depending on the type of area monitored (i.e. home, store, mall, park, etc.).
That concludes the set-up procedure. The FOB will remain operational for approximately three months
on a single new battery.
Caregiver FOB Specifications
Operating Frequency
410-433 MHz (418 MHz nominal)
Dimesions 2.4" x 1.3" x 5/8"
0.96 ounces (27.5 grams)
Battery Voltage
3.0V ±15%
Battery Type
CR2032 (single coin cell)
Average Battery Life
90 to 120 days
Dust resistant

Storage (non-operating)

0º to +70ºC (+32º to +158ºF)
-10º to +85ºC (+14º to+185ºF)

RF Output 10 µW (Micro watts) / -20dBm
Time between transmissions 10 seconds
FCC Modulation OOK
SafeKare™ Caregiver FOB
Model Number: FOB101A

Neck Lanyard
FOB Clip
FOB Ring
Metal Box

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