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SafeKare™ Caregiver Receiver Unit
The Caregiver Receiver Unit (CRU) is carried by the caregiver and alerts the caregiver if the patient moves out of the monitored area. The monitored area is selected by a slide switch on the side of the CRU. The range of the monitored areas are: short (15-25 feet), medium (25-50 feet), and long (50-100+ feet).
Operation Summary
The caregiver turns on the CRU and commands the unit
to learn the patient tag identification. This learning procedure allows a single CRU the capability of monitoring different tags (only one at a time). This allows the caregiver to select a unique tag type for the patient to wear. If the patient always wears the same tag, then this learning procedure is only required once. The caregiver then selects the appropriate range setting for the monitored area. The range setting will vary depending on the type of area monitored (example: home, store, mall, park, etc.). The SafeKare system is now ready for use.
The CRU will remain operational, monitoring the signal from the patient tag, until turned off. The patient tag emits its unique ID number every 10 seconds. If the patient wanders from the monitored area, the CRU will sound an audible alarm and blink the alarm LED indicator. On the first missed ID, the CRU beeps the alarm once. Upon the second consecutive missed ID, the CRU continually beeps the alarm until manually reset by the caregiver or until the patient re-enters the monitored area.
Caregiver Receiver Specifications
Excluding antenna
2-5/8” x 2-1/2” x 7/8” without belt clip
Including antenna
4-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 7/8" without belt clip
2.75 ounces (78.5 grams) with belt clip
Battery Voltage
4.2V ±15%
Battery Type
3-cell NiMH (not user replaceable)
Battery Charging Voltage
+9 to +14 VDC
Average Battery Life (between recharges)
12 hours
Dust resistant

Storage (non-operating)

0º to +70ºC (+32º to +158ºF)
-10º to +85ºC (+14º to+185ºF)

SafeKare™ Caregiver Receiver Unit
Model Number: CRU101A

Belt Clip
Wall Charger

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