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Key Features of the MicroPLB™

Extended Emergency Operating Life

MicroPLB™, Types GX and GXL are the only subminiature PLBs in existence with C/S certified 48 hour time of operation (minimum operation time at –20°C, after 5 years of aging). These special units are designed for extreme emergency environments, such as victims adrift in a huge storm, those who have fallen into a deep canyon or hole out of direct line of site to the stationary GEOs (Geosynchronous Orbiting satellites), or in high ambient temperature environments where battery capacity degrades rapidly

In these scenarios, a person needs the extra operational battery time to wait out a severe storm (maybe while adrift at sea), wait for signal acquisition by LEOs (low earth orbiting satellites) passing directly overhead, or maximize capability after high temperature storage. In these and other emergency situations, the best equipment is a must for survival.

MicroPLB™ is a trademark of Microwave Monolithics Incorporated

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