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Key Features of the MicroPLB™

High Quality, 100% Tested and “Burned-in”

In addition to these many important advanced features, the MicroPLB™ is manufactured to highest quality standards since one’s life may depend upon it. For example, every MicroPLB™ is fully “burned in” at elevated temperatures (equivalent to ~4,000 years of operation at ambient temperatures) to weed out possible infantile device failures.

Every beacon is also tested throughout the entire operating temperature range via an abbreviated temperature cycle. Beacon circuit boards are “conformal coated” with insulating dielectric material, for physical protection and to minimize accidental short circuiting. In addition, before each unit is shipped, 3 bursts (actual emergency transmissions) are transmitted and recorded in an archival data base to insure its excellence of operation and traceability. No other manufacturer can claim this level of testing and product assurance!

When you need to use your PLB it means you are in "imminent danger" and your life is on the line. You need the best, not the cheapest, equipment available. MMInc. understands this and builds the MicroPLB™ accordingly. MMInc.'s test procedures were adopted adopted in order to offer the best and most reliable equipment possible at a still affordable price.

MicroPLB™ is a trademark of Microwave Monolithics Incorporated

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