Simi Valley, CA USA Facilities

      Microwave Monolithics Incorporated (MMInc.) was founded in 1982 to supply innovative custom microwave components and subsystems based on Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) to the Government, OEM, and consumer communities, and to perform the research and development necessary to remain at the forefront of this rapidly advancing technology. The advanced dual use MicroPLB™ Cospas/Sarsat Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a prime example of MMInc.'s advanced technology solving "real world" problems.

      From its inception, MMInc. has operated an in-house GaAs MMIC "foundry" to develop the underlying technology and to supply the "chips" needed to support MMInc.'s research, development, and production activities. This total internal control of all aspects of MMIC design, fabrication, integration, and scheduling are essential to attain the superior component and subsystem performance offered by MMInc.

      Company Profile

      Founded In 1982
      GaAs MMIC Devices, Components, And Subsystems
         Subsystems Partitioning
         MMIC Oriented Computer Aided Design
         Mask Layout and Digitization
      In-House GaAs Wafer Fabrication
         On-Site "Foundry"
         Total Control Of All Aspects Of Processing
      In-House Assembly, Packaging, And Characterization
         Proprietary Miniaturized Packaging
         Reliability Screening Burn-In And Qualification
      Subsystems Integration And Characterization