The MicroPLB™ is available to the public through Amazon®.

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The MicroPLB™ is the smallest and lightest weight PLB in the world and has been in use by US Government Agencies for over 14 years. It is designed and manufactured in the USA as a Premium Grade (enhanced reliability or "high-rel") PLB for individuals that desire professional quality equipment for their job or recreational endeavors. If one’s interested in the best, at a reasonable price, then the MicroPLB™ is the beacon of choice.

The MicroPLB™ is the only subminiature PLB certified by the international COSPAS SARSAT consortium (C/S) for 48 hours minimum operating time, at -20°C, after 5 years of aging. Detailed descriptions and specifications can be found in the MicroPLB™ brochure. Some key attributes of this PLB are listed below:

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MicroPLB™ is a trademark of Microwave Monolithics Incorporated