MMInc.’s High Reliability Space Qualified

Tri-Band Beacon for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Orion is NASAs premiere space vehicle developed to send humans to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, and return them safely to earth.  Microwave Monolithics’ Space Qualified Tri-Band Beacon (TBB) is a crucial component on Orion, providing accurate and reliable location information from anywhere in the world in case of catastrophic systems failure.  It is mounted inside the crew compartment of Orion and is totally self-contained;  it will continue to operate even if all other Orion power and communications systems have failed.  The high reliability TBB is the astronaut’s last link to rescue should disaster strike.


MMInc.’s Tri-Band Beacon

The TBB’s high power Cospas/Sarsat transmitter provides rescuers with timely and precise GPS location via satellite, while its’ two UHF transmitters provide additional homing signals in the vicinity of the Orion capsule.

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft for missions

to the Moon, Mars, and beyond